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Dateline: Spring 2016
Spring and Fall Aeration?
What that mean to you?
The Maui golf courses start aerating their greens in Spring, Summer and Fall, so that golfers have nice smooth putting surfaces most the year.

Also, some courses will not allow play during aeration periods while some will. Just keep in mind that aeration(green very sandy) is a MUST and not every course will do it at the same time. See dates below for these periods

We recommend playing before or at least 14 days after aeration, some courses take up to one month to recover to normal putting conditions. .

Best to play other courses without aerated greens if possible. Very Sandy greens with push holes filled with sand and bumpy conditions for 14 days

2016 Maui Fall Aeration Schedule - Check before booking
5th Fairway on The Dunes

Dunes at Maui Lani : Sept 20-21 Greens 1 & 17 will open with new greens.
Maui Nui(Kihei)- TBD

Kaanapali Royal - Aug 30- Sept 2

Kaanapali Kai -Sept 21- 25th

Kahili - Sept 8-9th

King Kamehameha CC, Sept 20-21th

Kapalua Bay -Oct 4-7th, Reopens Nov 1st to MGS customers,

Kapalua Plantation - Sept 6-7th, Reopens Oct 4th to MGS customers at our discount rate , play the Bay Course in mid Sept for good greens                           

Pukalani CC - Sept 26-27th

Wailea Blue - Sept 13-14th

Wailea Emerald  July 26-29th

Wailea Gold  - Aug 16-19th

Island of Lanai                          

Manele Bay Ocean Course - Aug 30-31st

Courses are closed on these dates, we recommend you don't book on these dates til 10 -14 days after, for better playing conditions. Wait 14 days for good greens again, try to play before for excellent green conditions

As you can see, there will be plenty of golf to be played on non-aerated greens.

For the most updated course conditions, Call the PGA pros at Maui Golf Shop at 808.875.4653 for best course conditions and recommendations.

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